Monday, October 02, 2006

Strait Betwixt Two

While the subject in consideration is insignificant compared to Paul's thoughts (Philippians 1:23), I too feel strongly pulled in two directions: my love of summer and my love of autumn.

Just last week, I looked out the window and noticed…GASP! leaves? Could it be? Autumn is starting to arrive? Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the fall! It’s always been my favorite of the seasons. The days of sweatshirts and jeans, carving pumpkins, raking leaves into a big pile, jumping into that big pile, planting mums, picking apples, preparing for Homecoming, drinking apple cider, visiting the Spoon River Drive... And evenings of football games, hot chocolate, hay rack rides, marching band competitions, bonfires, wiener roasts… Oh, I love autumn so, so much!

But, wait! Where did my friend, summer, go? It seems like her visit was so very short this year. I had numerous plans for us to share these past few months. Thankfully, I DID plant bulbs, set up a trellis, visit many yard sales, go to an auction, keep up with my forsythia bushes, dig out some stray trees, and plant new seeds. I also saw a hummingbird at my new feeder, watched the bumblebees for a full hour one afternoon, switched out my front porch lights, painted my front door entryway, placed new numbers on the house, put up shutters, worked on my front steps, and attended many wonderful church meetings. But, so many plans were not completed. I was to spend more days in my hammock under the sweet gum tree while reading a good book. I was to have my new window boxes installed way back in July. I was to dutifully water my petunias each and every day so that they would cascade beautifully over the sides of the pots. And, I was sure supposed to visit the farmers’ market more than once! And so many summer moments, like sun tea, lemon shake-ups, a visit to the state fair, cook-outs, and lazy days in the yard, were not enjoyed this year. Very sad.

So, here I am. Right in the middle between the departure of summer and the full arrival of autumn, a balancing point between two of the four seasons we love to experience here in Illinois. Most of my pink and purple flowers remain in full bloom, if only for a short while longer, and the trees are shedding leaves and apples moment by moment. What’s a girl to do when the spectacular summer is slipping out of her grasp while an awesome autumn is trying to charge in? The best answer: ENJOY BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!

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Sandy-san said...

Autumn is, by far, my favorite season; Summer and then Spring is close behind. I could enjoy Winter for a day, but I would want it to be Fall again.

*wishing for a bonfire and a hot chocolate under the stars*
Sister Sandy