Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Humorous Signs

Those of you who pause at signs with incorrect grammar, misuses of apostrophes, etc. will love today's entry (October 24, 2006) at the Green Creative blog.

Update on the Apple Dumplin's sign: Dad went back to the Red Brick Schoolhouse the very next day. But, by the time his playing job was over, all signs were taken down. We were hoping to scan one in and post it here, but no! Maybe next year...

In the meantime, the number of 'Pumpkin's for Sale' signs have seemed to multiply. I wish I had a digital camera with me at all times so that I might post some of the other funny ones here. There's one at my bank right now that has 3 large glaring errors in it. I had hoped to mention it to the manager last week, but she was with a customer each time I was at the branch.

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