Monday, October 30, 2006

Birthday Boys

I'd now like honor two great guys who share a birthday today, October 30.

First, here's my pa...pictured here with my ma (from last Christmas.) They drove down this weekend, and we had a great time visiting. Like always, I just wish the time together was more abundant. Thankfully, Dad is feeling better, and I think this next year - leading up to a big birthday in 2007 - is going to be a great one for him. Sorry about the flopped birthday cake, Dad! (I tried.) But, I am glad that Mom and you were able to go back to my house after church to retrieve the "birthday chunk creation" I made for you. I'll hope for better for you at next year's celebration.

And, then there's Brother John. God is blessing John with great liberty while speaking to many churches around the country. He makes me laugh, and he's a good friend. And, he helps me out around my house (which I greatly need!) I'm currently waiting anxiously for John's birthday present to arrive in the mail. (So is he!) It's been a great week for him... with his birthday and with his team, the Cardinals, winning the World Series. He should be smiling from ear to ear. (I'll have to check on that!)

In an impromptu effort this past Friday night, Mom, Dad, John and I headed out to a new restaurant in town: Mr. Curry's Indian Cuisine. Even though we ended up not even mentioning the birthdays, we celebrated with good fellowship and delicious food. I hope to head back to Mr. Curry's in the NEAR future...and John and I will be coaxing other Little Flock members to join us. YUM YUM!

Happy birthday, Dad! Happy birthday, John! I love both of you very much....and pray each of you will be blessed with a year of happiness!


Sandy-san said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Did someone say, "curry"?! *nudge nudge*

I'll umm... I'll invite myself next time? Yes?! *wink wink*


Piano Man said...

Thank you, Sandy-san.
"blowing out candles"