Thursday, October 12, 2006

Box Lunch Social, Saturday Evening

Molly, Abby, Rebekah, and Bethany chat while waiting for the festivities to begin.
I had the pleasure of meeting Kamarin, Bethany's friend, and fellow first-timer at the Box Lunch Social.
The newest daughters-in-law, Jessie and Alisha, gather with mother-in-law, Sister Lisa.
My wonderful hostess for the weekend, Anna, with sister-in-law Alisha. Don't they look pretty!
Sister Lisa is armed and ready with her ladel in case the crowd gets out of hand.
Josh and Matt try to keep the men under control as each box lunch is auctioned off.
Philip was showing off his finest duds right after the social.

Sarah and Renee get ready for the hay ride up to the pavilion.


Sandy-san said...

These are all really great photos! Thanks for sharing! =)

PS - you are going to show a picture of you, too, right?

Lace said...

those are some great ones! I love pictures! I have to say, I think psychiatrist was one of the funniest parts of the weekend! oh my! that was hilarious!

Nardo said...

Great photos! What a fun weekend!