Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Songbird Eva Cassidy

I think it was while I watched the show Felicity (I wince as I type that) that I first heard Eva Cassidy's voice. It was immediately "magic to my ears", a lilting feminine voice, ever-so-gently moving through an emotional rendition of Sting's Fields of Gold. Immediately, I was caught in Eva Fever, and since then, I've never been able to shake it.

I started hearing that song in several TV shows. Then, on the radio. Then, I heard other songs with that same voice. 'Who is she?' I wondered. 'Do I know her?' bombarded my mind. On the next trip to the CD store, I flipped through that huge book that often sits on the counter. You know the one...where it lists almost every song that has been recorded, the artists that have recorded it, the years it has been recorded. That's when I first saw Eva's name. Eva Cassidy. Finally, a name to go with that voice.

Little did I know that the store had just set up a display with several of Eva's CDs. I could not believe it, so I snagged four of them and rushed out to the car to hear them on my car stereo. (Guess I had more disposable income back then.)

It was not until I had opened that fourth CD that I discovered the shocking, terribly tragic news that Eva was no longer with us. She had passed away after a bout with cancer long before I had even heard her. And, even more sad was the fact that no more recordings would be, could be made. Just the few dozens of songs that were recorded in a small studio and at Blues Alley would remain. Thankfully, those recordings speak (or rather, sing) volumes.

From gospel to folk, from bluegrass to standard, from soul to romantic, Eva is an original...even though she focused on cover tunes. Her interpretations are all her own. If you have not already had the opportunity to hear Eva Cassidy, please take some time to sit back, relax, and listen for a little while.


Sandy-san said...

I found a site that has a collection of her song clips - she has a beautiful voice. I had never heard of her. Thanks for sharing this.

Nardo said...

Sound like an artist I would love to listen to. Thanks for the tip.

lydia said...

Eva Cassidy is indeed a wonderful artist. Thank you for introducing me to her. I really enjoy the CD I have (Songbird).