Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fellowship Time, Sunday Afternoon

Aaron Samuel enjoys some free time out in the yard. What a cutie!

Lisa and Granny B chuckle about an irregular situation.
Brother Kevin and Sister Laurie enjoy some fellowship at the Green household.
Alisha, Stephanie, and Eleanor join the group in some Sacred Harp singing.
Logan and Lacey chat, while Abby gives Pepsi some much appreciated attention.
Lydia and Eleanor enjoy the cool breeze while sitting on the back deck.
Brother Kevin attempts to figure what is WRONG with this group in a round of Psychiatrist.

Thomas is still smiling....! I wonder what he's up to?!?!


lydia said...

I have enjoyed looking at your pictures (again). I'm glad you had a good visit, but I'm thankful to have you back here with us! ;)

audreysnanny said...

I know you are glad to be back, and there are people there who are also glad that you are back, but we, in this state of Arkansas, want you with us!!! It was so good to see you again and it will be way to long till the next time. I wish we could have had more time to visit.

strem said...

Thank you, Audreysnanny, for the kind words. I already miss all of you VERY VERY much. I, too, wish we had more opportunities to talk during my visit, and I had forgotten that you would be leaving that evening. I'll just be looking forward to "next time" (hopefully in December) that much more!