Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Finds

Today, I am blogging from Ma & Pa's house. I wanted to write immediately after returning from the Spoon River Drive to let you know about my finds. Nothing too exciting, but exciting for me.

Here we go...
  • 2 aqua/peacock colored doilies
  • 3 intriquite ecru doilies
  • 2 antique embroidered table runners
  • 1 odd antique embroidered white pillow case
  • 1 retro green & orange bead necklace
  • 1 antique pink tablecloth
  • 1 retro Avon silver flower pin (like my Grandma Washburn's)
  • 1 antique aqua glass stone lapel pin
  • 1 box of old red & white felt
  • 2 antique housekeeping instruction books
  • 1 old Spoon River Drive recipe book
  • 1 white plate with purple & green flower design
  • 1 set of 5 decorative scissors (similar to pinking sheers, 5 different designs)
  • Yummy food! (Wish I could have enjoyed more!)

  • In the past, I realize that I've focused on certain types of purchases. Some years, most of my finds were crystal and glass serving trays. Some years, I've purchased many books. One year, I bought tons of drinking glasses. I don't know why, but I guess my mind was focused on runners and cloth items this year. I am beginning to put the finishing touches on my upstairs remodeling project...making one big room into a medium-size bedroom and a small craft room/ bedroom combo. Almost all of the cloth items will be used in those two rooms, and I cannot wait to find a home for them!

    Mom found her favorite Spoon River Drive purchase that she seeks out year after year: soy candles at the Red Brick Schoolhouse in Smithfield. Mom asked Dad to look for her usual scents when he was playing piano last weekend, but they were not present. So, Dad made the special request to have the candle maker bring in Mom's favorites this weekend and set them aside. It was nice for Mom to walk right up to the booth today and see that her preferred scents were waiting for her.

    Unfortunately, our trip was very short compared to most years. We began later than usual, and we had to head back to the house earlier than usual this afternoon so that Mom can go with Dad to another playing job/special event this evening. Even worse, Mom is not feeling very well because she had a root canal on Wednesday. Everything was fine that day and Thursday, but her pain has increased Friday and today. We pray she does not have an infection and that she will receive a call back from the dentist very soon so that she may receive some antibiotics and/or pain killers. Even though the time was shorter and not as active as our usual Spoon River Drive experience, it was still a nice time spent with Mom in the brisk autumn breeze. And, already, we look forward to next year!

    Just as a sidenote regarding my previous post about apostrophes: As I mentioned another time, the Red Brick Schoolhouse serves their "famous" chicken and noodles each year...along with a delicious dessert. All over the building, we saw signs for "Apple Dumplin's." This is how someone printed them by computer. What was funny, however, was that someone found error in the use of the apostrophe - thinking that it was incorrectly indicating possession. So, all over the building, we found signs with the apostrophe scribbled out. Mom and I smiled at each other when we saw the "corrections"...because we knew the writer could have intended to type the apostrophe to represent the missing "g" in the word. We don't know the typer's intention, but we thought it was funny after having a long discussion about the subject with Dad last night.

    Tonight: Dad will leave soon for his second piano gig, and Mom will decide to either stay home or accompany him. I'm heading out to the store to purchase some last-minute items for a weiner roast tonight. Aaron and Ketra will be meeting me at my cousin's house in about an hour, and I am happy that I will be able to see many members of my family. This unexpected treat will cause me to stay here in Canton for a little longer than I thought, but it is well worth the extra time. Then, late, late tonight, I hope to head back to my house to receive some rest and to find new locations to place my new finds. Hope many of you are able to see my finds soon!

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    lydia said...

    Your finds sound very exciting. I can't wait to check them out! I'm glad you had a good time, and I hope your evening at the weiner roast is enjoyable. Will there be a "hay rack ride?" ;)