Thursday, October 26, 2006

Answers to the Advertising Icon Quiz

For those who didn't know the answers from the October 20 post and didn't have time to look them up...

Who said the following?
A. "I vant to eat your cereal!" Count Chocula
B. "Just follow your nose!" Toucan Sam
C. "Finger lickin' good" Colonel Sanders
D. That his place was "where a kid could be a kid!" Chuck E. Cheese
E. "Have it your way!" Burger King

What is the name of...
F. the main Keebler elf? Ernie
G. the Sargento Cheese mouse? Moppy
H. Buster Brown's dog? Tige
I. the Domino's crazy character we were supposed to avoid? The Noid
J. the U.S. Forest Service's character that told us not to pollute? Woodsy The Owl

What did ______ wear?
K. ...Charlie Tuna (on his head)... Beret
L. ...the icon "Jack" for Cracker Jack... Sailor suit
M. ...the Pilsbury Doughboy... Chef hat and kerchief
N. ...Mr. Peanut... Cane, top hat, and monocle
O. ...McGruff the Crime Dog... Trench coat

Extra Credit:
P. What jumps through a 9 on an Eveready Battery logo? Black cat
Q. What's the famous line said by the Stork on Vlasic commercials? That's the best tastin' pickle I ever heard!
R. Who was especially attentive to "His Master's Voice?" Nipper the Dog (RCA)
S. When Sugar Bear took a vacation, who replaced him? Dig'em Frog
T. Who were the two characters created for Ken-L-Ration pet food? Fido & Fifi
U. What icon was the first registered trademark for breakfast cereal? Quaker Oats Man

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