Thursday, October 12, 2006

More Visiting, Monday

On Monday, I made my first visit to the Heffington home. There, I met Toad and Raider.
The Poe Family was also visiting. Mollie, Lydia, Rachel, and Laurie appreciated Celia showing them around.
Brother Rex led Emily and Rachel around on Toad.

Then, Zack got his turn. Emily loved the horses.

So, Aaron and Renee each took their own turn on Raider.

Raider is such a beautiful horse!

Later, at the Poe house, the hounds were going wild because John had trapped and delivered a raccoon to use for hunting later. Poor racoon.

Even later, Matt finishes up some paperwork so he can be ready to do some mechanicin' early Tuesday morning. Thanks to Matt and Anna for always making me feel so welcome!

Tuesday morning, it was hard to head out toward home - as Arkansas also always feels like home and everyone there is always so kind to me. Hope it won't be too long before our next visit with each other! Miss you!

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Anonymous said...

It was so much fun having you here for the weekend. I really enjoyed looking at these pictures. They made me laugh...especially how you managed to use the word mechanicin' on this last one. Hope you can come back soon.