Monday, September 29, 2008

Work, Play, Work

Well, one month ago, the work weekend was a success. I can't say enough about the very kind folks - both family and church family - that helped me work on the various in-progress projects at my house. I am very very very thankful. So many of the planned tasks were accomplished, and the peaceful feeling at the end of the weekend was indescribable. I added 9 more garbage bags to this pile before the trash pick-up occurred that week. I've taken two car loads to the Goodwill store. I have sent off 10 packages to friends filled with various items that should have been returned or delivered long ago. By the end of the long weekend, it felt like every muscle in my body ached. But, the house and the load on my shoulders seems lighter. Much, much lighter.

The following weekend, we had the August church social at my place when the Green family visited. We played games in the back yard... including Baggo with the targets my brother made for me!

The kids went on a treasure hunt, and a good amount of time was spent trying to get this dart (one of the treasure hunt surprises) out of the tree. The men tried and tried to set it free from the tree limbs by using everything in sight. We had bean bags and apples flying everywhere. I think another dart and a ball got stuck up in the trees at one point. Quite the challenge.

We talked. We ate. We laughed. We swatted at bugs. We laughed some more. It was a great evening, and I was thankful my parents could drive back down to join in on the fun. Two weekends in a row! And, they brought my Uncle Roger with them! The next morning, Elder Green was blessed to preach a wonderful sermon on prayer which was a great follow-up the sermons Elder Chris had been preaching in the previous weeks. And, we were very sad to see our friends leave. Hopefully, it will be a much shorter wait for their next visit!

Mom, Dad, and Uncle Roger stayed through the Monday holiday, and we were able to go to the Sacred Harp singing that was held at our church building. I've had to miss the shape note singing for many months because of the load at work, so I was so thankful to see our friends from the St. Louis Shape Note Singers and to hear the wonderful music. I have also joined a gospel choir which performs in benefits for a local charity, and I haven't been able to attend their practices in the recent weeks either. I am praying that everything will calm down a bit in the upcoming months so that I may return to singing and attending Wednesday church services each week.

Life hasn't slowed down as much as I had hoped after the big clean-up day at home, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed when working. But, I've been reminded that work is a blessing... both in carrying out my abilities... but also in being able to go to work each day to support myself. Four friends have called in the last week to report that they have lost their job, and the financial futures of their families look dim. Some of my co-workers have been talking about the stock market all day. And, of course, the government is deep in discussion about a bail-out package. We must be praying for our country more than ever. I pray work is steady and stable for all of my blog friends!