Monday, October 15, 2007

Mother-Daughter Weekend, Oct 2007

It was that time again. Time for the Spoon River Drive and our fall Mother-Daughter weekend. If it were possible, I think we had even more fun than last year and discovered many great finds in the county-wide antique show, flea market, and yard sale festival. Mostly, we just looked. But, every once in a while, we actually purchased. And, we brought out the big money.... nickels, dimes and quarters.

I don't think I'll be able to remember everything, but the following is a list of what I purchased. All of it for under $16.00, mind you. (Remember, each year, I'm a bargain hunter!)
* 2 books about sewing and altering clothes
* 1 book about smocking
* 2 other craft books
* 3 skirt/dress patterns
* a painted black tray (for my living room)
* an antique turquoise and silver necklace
* a silver leaf pin
* a wrought iron pillar candle holder
* 4 dish towels
* assorted cloth napkins and tablecloths
* finished counted cross stitch squares (will use to make a pillow)
* small pastel china plate with flowers
* a Fireking pie plate
* 6 plates that match the mugs Tracy bought for me at the Salvation Army last year

Mom was kind enough to find a purchase a "church key" for me. I was on the lookout for one because my visiting cousins teased me when I had to use a can opener and took the whole lid off the can of pineapple juice last weekend. So, I am now happy to finally own one.

After seeing some oddities (this entire dress is smocked) and sampling a few of our favorites (homemade curly fries, butterfly porkchops, chicken and noodles, etc.), Mom and I were exhausted. We walked so much on Saturday, but, thankfully, after the long day, we were still able to smile. It was so nice to spend time with Mom. (And it was also a treat to hear Dad play piano at the Red Brick Schoolhouse in Smithfield.) These bags are heavier than they look!

Before leaving the area on Sunday, Mom and I headed out toward London Mills to see Uncle Dick and Aunt Norma at "The Shed." Uncle Dick builds beautiful furniture. Because he's getting older, however, he has decided that this will be his last year of selling on the Scenic Drive. By Sunday afternoon, his packed booth had diminished to these few items. We had a good visit with both of them, and Uncle Dick insisted I take something home with me. Thank you, Uncle Dick! And, thank you, Aunt Norma, for the grand tour of your beautiful camper.

I had never been to "The Shed" before, but it has become quite a large stop for the Drive. Many antique dealers were there, and they kept covering and uncovering their tables so their merchandise wouldn't be ruined by the sprinkles falling from the sky. Mom and I were able to leave before getting too wet, and right before departing, Mom made her big purchase of the weekend. Here at one of the craft booths, you may be able to see a snowman with a broom and a bluebird in the very back row. I believe we'll see this guy in the Stremmel yard in a few months.


Siren said...

Mmmmm.... butterfly pork chops! Now that's some down-home comfort food! People around here have never heard of them and look at me funny when I bring them up.

lydia said...

I love the necklace and I can't wait to see more of the purchases. I can't wait you got everything for under $16!! That's great!