Friday, October 26, 2007

The Eleventh Hour

I've been looking for opportunities that would help me keep my finances balanced. For two months, I had been diligently looking, but I had found only part-time opportunities that would interfere with my current job. That wouldn't do. It was a frustrating search... one that, many times, led to me speaking to someone on the phone for an "interview" who was trying to persuade me to pay money for some reason this or some reason that. By the middle of last week, I felt I had hit my limit in gimmicks and aggravations, and I prayed and prayed I would finally find something that would help my situation.

The following day, I saw an ad and dropped by the business to complete an application. The next day, I was interviewed. The following day, I was offered the job. The very next evening, I began my new part-time position.

While I've been fairly warned about the hazards and pitfalls, I've joined the ranks of jsarber and our mutual myspace friend, Eric. That's right, folks. I am now a weekend night auditor for a local hotel.

Right away, I knew taking this position would cause great sacrifices - namely, time with family and friends and at church meetings - not to mention, sleep and freedom and time to recuperate from the regular work week. I know I will have little flexibility in the coming months, and this saddens me. Because of the hours (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.) and the needed rest after each shift, I know it will cause me to be even more isolated than I already am. However, it is what I must do for now in covering my bills and some repairs needed on my home.

The hotel owners are a very kind family and are also from central Illinois. Dad has even tuned their piano a few times. They have been willing to go to great lengths to train me, work around my father's birthday party this weekend, and work around our church meeting the following weekend. I am thankful for their offer of weekend employment and their kindness thus far, and I pray I do a good job for them.

I would appreciate your prayers about this endeavor... for good health, safety while carrying out my duties, and encouragement to stick to it when I'm sure to often be tired. And, if you're ever visiting Edwardsville or the Greater St. Louis area and you're needing a place to stay, give me a call. You can either stay at my house... or I know a business that can set you up with a really nice room. Even a jacuzzi, if you'd like! :)


Chelle said...

Hang tough, girl! I really admire you for doing this. I've done this sort of thing myself, and it isn't easy...but it can be done.

jsarber said...

I'll be praying for you. Lord, will I be praying for you. I'd love to hear what you think about it.

strem said...

Chelle, thanks so much for the encouragement and your way of understanding. You are a good friend.

Jsarber, thank you for the prayers... and the sense of humor about this. (I need both.) Look forward to sharing notes on this experience.

Elizabeth said...

Well, I don't see how you will ever function. But, I am praying for you, not only to survive this time, but that it will be short lived and that the most wonderful job with fall into your lap that pays the perfect amount of money and then we can all praise the Lord for His amazing works!