Monday, October 29, 2007

The Big 6 - 0 Party

Saturday afternoon, we held an open house in Canton to celebrate Dad's birthday, and I think everyone had a great time. Most of the decorations were black and white which surrounded the theme of music. We had one table where everyone could sign small notes for Dad that will be placed in a scrapbook, and Mom did a great job of greeting everyone. Another table featured black and white photos of Dad through the ages - along with little known trivia facts about his life. Aaron worked on a "soundtrack" for the party that included great jazz music from Dad's repertoire. Ketra and her Mom worked very hard to keep the party going by supplying cake and punch to everyone. It was such a nice occasion to catch up with family and friends and to participate in Dad's special day. And, it would not have happened without the efforts of our cousins Steve and Chris - who reserved the church building for us - and numerous others who pitched in to clean and pack at the end of the party.

Photos below: The picture and trivia table, before anyone arrived, Aaron and Uncle Roger, Tina and Ketra, Mom and Dad with a group of Mom's high school classmates, Aunt Norma and Uncle Dick, Great Aunt Libby, Dad's first cousins Carol and Ron, Aunt Billie and Uncle Dick, Cousin David, helpful hostess cousin Lauren, hardworking cousin Stephen...

This is a very special picture of Dad and his siblings... Roger, Richard, Dennis and Norma.
Happy, happy birthday, Dad. We know we were a little early in celebrating, but we hope you have a very special day Tuesday. We are so very thankful for you, and we think you're a treat - not a trick!!


lydia said...

Everything looks so nice! I'm sure it was a special time for your whole family, especially for your dad. The picture of your dad and his siblings is such a treasure!

I hope the celebrations continue as your dad has a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

Other Mother said...

Happy Birthday Dennis! Best wishes for another great year ahead!

-the Andersons

Chris said...

Hey Strem - It looks like the day was a huge success, I'm thankful, especially for your Dad.

Brother Dennie - Happy Birthday my friend, when do we go to Chicago again?!