Monday, October 01, 2007

Underwater Adventure Party

Tressa turns 4 today, and yesterday was her birthday party. It had the theme of an underwater adventure, and as usual, Tracy did a wonderful job in planning, decorating, baking, and hostessing.
Jeff had the difficult task of hanging the net which corraled the fish Tracy, Tressa and Abi made. They spelled out "Happy Birthday Tressa!"

The centerpieces were awesome with blue balloons, sand, sea shells, and a live gold fish in a bowl, and each of Tressa's friends was able to take a fish home.

The biggest hits were the handmade mermaid fins for the girls and pirate gear for the boys. I had to lighten the pictures because of the dark pavilion, so they won't do justice for Tracy's hard work. But, here you can see Tressa and Abi sporting their fins. They were so adorable!

Below are some scenes from the party. It was a great day for Tressa and for all of us who attended!

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