Thursday, October 11, 2007

We'll Miss You, Shirley!

Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day. Our friend and co-worker, Shirley, will be retiring. While her job has been placed in the capable hands of our new staff member, Karen, we will miss Shirley's infectious laugh and enthusiasm. It is difficult to picture the office without her here. This afternoon, we celebrated her retirement with a little party, some yummy treats, delicious cake, and some funny memories. (To the left) The office staff really surprised her, so she wasn't sure what she'd find when she headed around the corner.

Shirley was presented with a beautiful ruby and diamond pendant necklace. Her supervisor, Marti, is happy today but is sad to see Shirley go.
Knowing that Shirley loves to start the dishwasher each day, Phillip presents her with a huge box of Cascade, & Kurt tries to not chuckle.
Shirley enjoys some of the appetizers and cake while visiting with the new Billing Associate, Karen D.



Anonymous said...

Hey Strem!

Glad you posted these pics, I sent Shirley an email this morning wishing her the best. We will surely miss her laughter in the office!


strem said...

Yes, Laurie, we will! It's been a difficult day, but she keeps teasing us about how much fun she'll be having on her trips in the upcoming weeks. I'm jealous!