Monday, October 01, 2007

Home Decorating

:) = finding an autumn tablecloth with a tinge of aqua (to match my dining room walls) after four years of looking and paying next to nothing for it

:( = opening it up and realizing that I didn't look closely on the package to see that it is VINYL. VINYL?!???!?? I should have known.

Let me beat all of you to it by stating that - despite my dislike for the material and its tendency to hold in wrinkles for months at a time - it probably is best for spill-prone me. Oh well.


jsarber said...

What's wrong with vinyl? Perhaps my knowledge of decor and materials is lacking.

strem said...

You crack me up. Vinyl just isn't cloth... when it comes to feel and look. Not classy at all, but whoever thought I was reaching for classy?!? :)