Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Skirting The Issue

A few months ago, we began a Ladies' Sewing Night on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Tracy and Lydia are the ever-so-patient teachers, and I clearly am the pupil. We meet to sew clothes and enjoy fellowship. I have learned so much in those very few hours each month, but I was still struggling. My co-workers knew that I started making MANY skirts two months ago, and the topic has come up several times since. But, I've wanted to avoid the topic because I couldn't create certain portions in quite the right way and the materials scraps were waiting for my attention. My sewing goals were going nowhere fast.

Well, I am very happy and proud that I finished two skirts and made another from start to finish last night. Of course, I would have been lost at some key points without Tracy. But, I think I'm finally getting the hang of these more complicated techniques. FINALLY!

This picture won't do them justice, but here they are: a periwinkle plaid knee length skirt, a long blue and lavender print skirt, and a heavy shimmery green long and full skirt. Now, it is time to press out these major wrinkles and start on the tops and jackets. So, I will continue to need an abundance of instruction.

If any local ladies from church would like to join us, please do! Don't hesitate to tell us. You don't even have to sew. Just bring a crafty project or come to chat. We were blessed that Sister Sandy joined us last night. We'd love the company and would love to spend some time with you!


Chelle said...

CUTE! I love the fabrics you chose.

Siren said...

Those are beautiful! If I were as little as you I'd borrow the blue ones in a heartbeat : )

Chris said...

Now does that green one have a sheen to it? ;-)

I really like the plaid choice - and it looks like you did a great job!

strem said...

Thanks, Chelle. I hope to embroider some accents on some of my upcoming sewing projects.

Siren, I am sure you can borrow these now. If not, I might just need to make you one.

Chris: Yes, the green one is all about sheen. Thanks for complimenting. Just don't stand too closely if you ever see them. I'm sure there are mistakes galore!