Wednesday, August 13, 2008

State of Fairness

For a few years now, I've wanted to return to the state fair, and for various reasons, it hasn't worked out. But, my family and I went this year...and I was surprised to see that they had invited my hometown best friend, Susan, to join us. It was even more fun to find out that my aunt, uncle, cousins and their children were at the Illinois State Fair on the same day. Here are a few funny pictures from the trip.

HEY, it's HAY...and Susan! She posed by the blue ribbon winner in the Agriculture building.

Aaron and Ketra are standing by the 250 lb. pumpkin which won. We don't know why, but there were fewer pumpkin entries this year. And, in past years, the winners have been about two times the size of this one. But, it was still very impressive.

Piano Man and his brother, my Uncle Dick, sat down for a rest while Mom took the Sleep Number bed for a test drive. This just cracks me up!

We went to see the Hereford competition and were amazed to see this boy - whose cow and cow prod were both much bigger than he was - win the class.

Each year, there is a butter cow (yes, a cow carved out of butter) in the Dairy House. This year, it was even better than usual. There was an actual scene made out of butter... complete with a cow, calf, skunks, a tree, and some birds. All butter. (I don't know how someone becomes a carver of butter.)

Are there any special features - like the butter cow - at your state fair that you look forward to seeing each time you go? As eluded to in one of my previous posts, we always enjoy seeing the mini donuts, lemon shake-ups, spiced nuts, Taco Gringo sanchos, cream puffs, corn dogs... too many "special features" to mention!

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Jeremy Sarber said...

Yes, if you can get past the under-dressed folks and all the PDA, the fair is a lot of fun.