Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bean Bags O' Fun

I don't know if you have ever played Baggo, but there are different versions out on the market. The rules can differ slightly... and the scoring can differ slightly. But, the main concept is the same: Two teams of two people throw bean bags at a wooden target with a hole. After seeing a couple of sets of targets that my brother built, I asked Aaron if he would build me a set. And he did! So, here is one of the two targets I received this past weekend.

Aaron gave me a sample of the bean bags they use so I could create some for my game. But, first, I wanted to make an extra bean bag set for Aaron and Ketra to extend my thanks. Here they are! Music notes vs. Black and white checks. (They - along with the sample bean bags - are in the mail heading to A&K's house right now.)

Ketra's parents also have a game, so I thought I would make a set for them too. I thought the red baseball print vs. the blue baseball print would be a good choice for Mr. and Mrs. S. (These too are heading to their destination via the mail.) Hope they enjoy using them.

Here is the fabric that I used for my bean bags. I wanted something fun, so I picked red bandana cloth and blue bandana cloth. I can't wait to play the game out in my big backyard. If we don't play before, I hope we can play at the church social that will be held at my house at the end of this month.


Dani said...

Now you'll just have to paint it up to match your bandana bean bags. Something like a cowboy or a horse with an open mouth, or something. ;)

strem said...

That would be great. I was speaking to my brother about it and wondered if it would change the surface too much for the game. I might just go for the painting and see what happens. If so, I'll be sure to show the you the final design.

Jeremy Sarber said...

I love this game but I've never heard it called "baggo" before. I've always called it the beanbag tossing game, but I've been corrected numerous times that it's actually called "cornhole". I can live with "baggo" but I refuse to call it "cornhole".

Susan said...

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