Friday, August 15, 2008

A Friday Thought 8/15/08

We are born believing. A man bears beliefs, as a tree bears apples.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


By the way, in less than two weeks time, the apples have begun turning red, and the apples are beginning to drop from the tree.


Elizabeth said...

Miss, I am uber impressed by all your blogging of late. Brava!!

Sometimes Emerson surprises me...not that he surprises me like he's alive or something, but that he does have something worthwhile to say - something that speaks truth. Just as your little apple tree can't will itself not to bear apples, we too have to believe (the focus of our beliefs change from person to person, but perfect neutrality is rather impossible)

By the way, we went apple and peach picking the other day - it was delightful. You should do it too. :)

Owl of the Desert said...

Your apples look delicious! Commenting on one of the posts below, I don't think I've ever been to AL's state fair, but I did go to the WV state fair once. Random, huh?