Sunday, November 18, 2007

What I Have Learned At The Hotel

In the short time I've worked at the hotel, I've learned a few things.

1) I will never ever put a glass or bottle of liquid in the garbage but will first dump out the drink. Some poor soul has to tote that bag of garbage outside to the dumpster.

2) When wearing black clothes (which is almost a constant for me), cleaning out the lint compartment of an industrial sized dryer is tricky business.

3) No matter how many times I fold fitted sheets, the finished product still doesn't look very good.

4) A vending machine will often jam causing a bag of chips to become suspended, but a vending machine can do it repeatedly and suspend 4 bags without dropping a single one.

5) Newlywed couples are the most kind, courteous guests, and they smile from ear to ear. Guests who check in after midnight have usually had a very difficult day and should be greeted with caution.

6) Never take a guest's word on what room number in which another guest is staying... especially on the night shift.

7) Smoke detector batteries die at the most inopportune times.

8) Even when the nextdoor Sonic is closed, they keep that funny Sonic radio station playing on each of their drive-up order boards. Sometimes softly. Most of the time, loudly.

9) The same infomercials play on various channels during the night and wee hours of the morning... sometimes up to 4 channels at one time.

10) The most common noise complaint has not been about pets, loud partying or TVs... but snoring!


jsarber said...

I am laughing out loud. That really brings back memories.

mike3e said...

Did you intend the pun in #1 -- "pour" soul?

Chris Crouse said...

This cracked me up! I'm sure the education has been very helpful, especially ensuring the Room # is correct before calling!!!

Hope you have a great week, and a wonderful time with your family.

strem said...

Mike, no. My only excuse is that I started this at 3 a.m. in the morning. Just stupidity and tiredness working together... I went ahead and fixed it, but it is funny how it worked out that way!

strem said...

Jeremy, I'm glad someone is laughing. :) (OK, I guess I am too... a little.)

CC, thanks. Hope you have a great and safe trip home too!

Elizabeth said...

This is a very interesting education you are acquiring during this phase of your life, I wonder how this will all be used sometime in the future. (that scenario may be even more interesting that now!)

strem said...

Elizabeth, if I have 30 kids, I'll know what it is like on laundry day. Other than that, I'm not sure... but I agree with you. That situation will surely be more interesting!