Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things In Common

What common items are measured in lignes? (ligne = approximately 1/40 of an inch)

The tops of what common items are known by pan, button, dome, round, truss, flat, and oval?

Bobby T Plympton invented and manufactured what common item for men in the late 1800s?

Ferdinand Magellan kept 18 of these common items on his ship to track time.

What common item has the length of 0.250 inch, a leg thickness of 0.020 inch, a leg width of 0.030 inch, and a crown width of 0.500 inch?

What common item has the chemical formula C5 H5 NO2 ?

The plastic or metal end of this common item is called an aglet.


jsarber said...

1) Buttons
3) Bobby pin
5) Staple
7) Shoelace

That's all I know.

lydia said...

Are we going to get the answers?

audreysnanny said...

I don't know the answers. I just wanted to say hello!!!

Dani said...

2)various meat cuts, I don't know, but thought I should attempt a guess
3)Is it really bobby pins, and why were they invented for men?
4)hour glasses (or today lots of folks call them egg timers, and they run for short periods)
6)I don't know but I do know that Hydrogen Carbon Nitrite mixes are used to make plastic, pesticides, and the gas that Nazi's used in their gas chambers.

Dani said...

by the way I saw a sign on a truck the other day that made me think of you it read...

"Gerry,s plumming service"

Should have been plumbing and Gerry's, and made me wonder if it was Jerry's and the guy couldn't even spell his own name...

strem said...

Great job, Jeremy and Dani! You both know a lot!

I know #2 by speaking to my cousins... these are types of screws and the name describe the different tops (or heads).

The way I understand it, #6 is super glue or crazy glue.

Otherwise, Dani's and Jeremy's guesses are correct.

strem said...

About the bobby pin... I have found 3 sources that state that they were used for certain men's hairstyles before women. However, they are internet sources, so I'm not sure if this is completely accurate. Either way, they were named for keeping the bob haircut in place and for several other reasons since.

strem said...

Dani, thanks for letting me know about the truck sign. That is both funny ha ha and funny strange.

strem said...