Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Celebrating Their Service

My friend Alan had a great party for his sons this weekend. Both were home from active duty - Seth from a sub, Kyle from the Air Force - and neither will return to battle again. Knowing this was such a relief to all of that family, and Alan thought it was time to celebrate. So, he hired our co-worker's band, rented a hotel banquet room, ordered food, and sent out the invitations. It was a great time Saturday night, and I was so happy to catch up with Alan's parents, his sons, and all of their family besides making some new friends and celebrating with work pals. My pictures really captured the essence of the event.

But, trying to save time today, I messed up. When trying to copy them from my camera card to my picture files, I CUT (my first no-no), I DELETED the file they were in (my second no-no), and then tried to paste the pictures where I wanted them. POOF! And, they vanished... not to be retrieved. I've never done that before, and I hope to never do that again. It's very important to COPY, PASTE, and then go back and delete the originals, if desired. Oh well. Just take my word for it. The party was a good time, and I think Alan's sons really appreciated being home.

We've been praying for them, and we pray they have continued safety as they carry out the rest of their duty here in the U.S. We are so thankful for the sacrifices both young men have made to defend us!


jsarber said...

Oh, I hate that. If you're like me, you call yourself an idiot and move on. Glad you had a good time, pictures or not.

Owl of the Desert said...

What a great thing to celebrate. I wish we could do the same for all our returning men and women.