Monday, November 26, 2007

Let It Snow!

It was difficult to leave home on Sunday after such a wonderful long weekend with all of the family. But, it had to be done. So, I had a little fun with Cindy and Lennie before saying goodbye, began gathering all of my bags in the kitchen and bedroom, and took a look out the window to see the backyard and woods before heading out the front to load up my car.

And, to my surprise, there it was! SNOW! BIG SNOW! Yet another thing for which to be thankful. You might catch a glimpse of it here, and some of the flakes and clusters were as big as nickels and quarters. These pictures were taken right after it began to fall. But, by the time I left (less than a half hour later), the grass was almost completely covered. Good thing I purchased some gloves last week and had them with me. I cleaned off the top of the front deck railing and made a well-packed, wet snowball before heading out. It was a beautiful drive through the falling snow on my way out of Canton. Less than 30 miles into the drive south toward my house, however, the snow turned to sleet and then into rain. And, rain hasn't stopped falling on me since. I wonder when we'll receive some snow here in the St. Louis area. It might be a while, but it was wonderful to see it at home. Already, I'm anxious to return home for Christmas. And, I'm hoping for some snow there at that time.


Chris Crouse said...

Beautiful! Thanksgiving Day we received quite a bit of snow in Abilene...3 inches accumulated, but the day before it had been close to 80 so the ground was warm. I suspect we would've had 6 inches had it been colder the days prior. Crazy weather for west Texas this early in the year!

Owl of the Desert said...

So beautiful! We hardly ever get snow here, and start to get really excited at just seeing flurries. We got all rain, but were VERY, VERY thankful for it, since we are still in the middle of one of the worst droughts our area has ever seen. Glad you had a safe trip home.

jsarber said...

We got snow here also. But I'd rather not talk about it.

strem said...

Jeremy, sorry to bring up a bad subject! :)

CC, those are some crazy changes in weather. Were you packed for warm weather or cold weather?

Owl, thanks for continuing to check in. I, too, am thankful for the rain... but am just not feeling so great about it when my gutters need to be cleaned out. :) What I really hope for is a big whirlwind to come and carry off the leaves in my yard. (My neighbors hope for that too.) I want to mow them up, but I have to wait for them to dry out a little!

Dani said...

You know it's a startling contrast to the weather here. It was 86 today, and I was thinking that was cool. sheesh