Friday, November 09, 2007

Rushing and Reflecting

I've been working around the clock, but it has been an energizing week. It's been great to interact with the employees on the "off shifts" and help them determine which benefits plans are best for their families. I have been getting so much done at work, but I feel like I'm getting very little accomplished for myself. Hopefully, this weekend can provide some time for catching up... with sleep, with bills, with study, with taking a few deep breaths.

On my way to and from work, I've had a special time listening to some hymn CDs that I dug out of my collection. So often, I get in a rut of listening to what I've had in my car for weeks. So, this past Sunday night, while reflecting on the blessed church meeting we had, I took the time to choose some new music for my time in the car. There's nothing like a capella hymn singing!!!! While listening this morning, I realized I had failed to post some pictures from last weekend because of the recent rush.... so I thought I would post them today. Unfortunately, I didn't pull out the camera early enough to catch all of the pictures I wanted, but here are some great ones! We had wonderful worship services and a fun time fellowshippin', as usual.

Brother Jim & Sister Delores, Brother Neal and Sister Debbie

Sister Marlene and Brother Chris (who's about to crack up), Elder Clayton and Sister Nancy Nowell

Sister Tasha and itty bitty Rian, Abi with some bananas (???)

Brother Tom enjoying some fellowship. We're not Lambert's, but we've got our own throwed rolls. Brother Dale is having a good time demonstrating.

We're a big FAN of John's special smiley face throwed roll. Here's Piano Man, John and Uncle Roger after the roll exhibition.

Most of the Corn Family... along with Sister Michele's sister, Daphne, and nephew, Hayden.

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