Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tastes of Home

This past Saturday, I had a great day with my brother while running errands around Peoria - about 30 miles from our hometown. Because I haven't lived near home since high school, I still don't know my way around Peoria, and I have forgotten anything I once knew about the roads. Aaron was great in helping me find my bearings. (Sadly, Aaron, I believe all of the information from Saturday has already left my head, and I think I need that huge laminated map that we discussed.)

We did a little comparison shopping for possible Christmas gifts, and we made a very important stop at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts. And, right across the Metro Center from Jo-Ann's was...... MAID-RITE. Yippeee! So, I had to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some food that can be found only close to home. I can't believe I've had TWO this year! (Above) I made the mistake of ordering the Mega Maid-Rite lunch special instead of the regular. I couldn't finish all of it. (My brother and I hypothesized that the cooks place the dots of ketchup and mustard on the plates to notify the servers which toppings are included. I had never seen that before. What do you think?)

Aaron seems very happy with his Horseshoe. While I was home, I was also able to enjoy the "absolute must eats" of a Monical's Pizza "Family Pleaser" dinner (thin crust pizza, salad with house French dressing, breadsticks with cheddar cheese and drinks) and Italian Express' ravioli with sweet garlic bread that melts in my mouth. YUM! Are there a certain foods you must eat at a restaurant or a family member's house each time you go home?


Chris Crouse said...

Strem: Back home in TX there a state wide company called Mrs. Baird's Bakery. Their bread, pastries and other baked goods are very popular and most like the top selling brand in the state.

They make a fried apple pie that is my ABSOLUTE favorite apple pie that I've ever had. A distant second is my Grandmother's apple pie. Any others come way down the list.

So everytime I cross the state line I stop at the first available gas station or grocery store to buy a dozen or so apple pies.

I've often said there are several women of Texas that I miss, and up near the top is Mrs. Baird! :)

Anyime my family come here, they're faithful to bring a couple dozen apple pies. I love them so much that I've written the company asking them to mail them to me directly, but they can't.

By the by - that Maid Rite looks really good, I've got to try one sometime.

strem said...

I'm going to need to try one (or two or three...) of those.