Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Little Girl Time

After church on Sunday, Miss Abi, Miss Tressa, Cousin Kayla, and Auntie Em went on an adventure. Destination? The Great Godfrey Corn Maze.

Here, the little buckaroos (or would it be little buckarettes?) are getting ready for a fun ride on the cattle train. Tressa chose a cow named "Baby" while Abi decided - very loudly - that she wasn't quite ready for the trip. So, instead, she had some laughs and some loud MOOOs with Cousin Kayla while waiting for her big sis to return.

Then, we headed into the maze. And, the girls are holding our helper flag that we could have raised if we ever got lost. The organizers were clever in supplying some trivia questions within the maze, and the correct answers led us to clues which indicated the fastest route out of the corn.

Tip #1: Bring a change of clothes (especially comfy shoes) if going to the corn maze after church.
Tip #2: Don't wear black into the maze. Black = hot + emphasis on how much dust you are collecting while walking through it.
Tip #3: Reconsider before you consider bringing toddlers into the maze (unless you're 100% prepared to carry them 100% of the way.)
Tip #4: Don't go on a 95+ degree afternoon.
Tip #5: Bring water, water, and more water. Buy even more water, if needed. And, use the water fountain after that.
Tip #6: Crank up the air conditioning during your car ride home.
Tip #7: Head to Sonic for liquid and frozen refreshment to cool down.
Tip #8: Do a song and dance number while waiting for your order.
Tip #9: Be sure to apply heavy amounts of said frozen refreshment to face, hands, legs, etc. for maximum cool-down.
Tip #10: Promptly return home for a thorough wash-up and transition into nap time.

After naps, we had supper and moved on to the fun: making homemade sock puppets!! (Maybe they'll be featured in a future blog entry.) The puppets were fun, but I think the pipe cleaners were the biggest hit. And, I don't blame the girls. I used to play with them for hours.

Next, bedtime. Simon curled up for sleep long before anyone else.
The girls followed next. And, Cousin Kayla and Auntie Em should have followed soon after. Because, before they knew it, MORNING was declared and the girls were UP! And GOING! After some pancakes and bacon (syrup is so much fun!), the Prior Cousins showed up for a visit and to retrieve Kayla for a trip to the water park. Then more puppet fun was had before Mommy and Daddy arrived. (It seems the girls were missed!) After a quick lunch, we headed to a wonderful day at the zoo. And, Abi had to say goodbye to her new buddy, Big Simon.

It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend with two of my "nieces" (and one awesome cousin). Now, I just can't wait for little Rian to grow up and join in the fun. It won't be long!


Dani said...

I love all of the tips. haha. Sounds like that despite the heat ya'll had a good time. Hope to see the sock puppets in a future blog, sounds like more fun.

Also, I didn't realize just how much Simeon looks like Brodie. Wow, other than the striping in the tail, I'd think our kitty had gone on vacation to the far North. :)

Owl of the Desert said...

What a beautiful family! Sounds like a busy, fun weekend. I've always wanted to do a corn maze...maybe I'll get the chance sometime this fall.

Sandy-san said...

Aww! The kids are so cute, and your time sounds like so much fun!