Friday, September 07, 2007

Higher Calling Farm

Long story short: A woman placed an ad on freecycle which advertised a shelf she'd like to give away. I wrote to her because I thought it would be useful in organizing the craft room I am attempting to create in my upstairs room. We starting exchanging notes and have formed a friendship, and I am very excited that a small group of us will be attempting to visit her family's farm tomorrow. It is called Higher Calling Farm.

If you view the web site, you'll find out a lot of what you might want to know. A family was in the world, but they sought to better serve God. So, they started a farm, homeschooled their children, remained thankful to God for His many blessings, and dedicated their life to serving Him and His kingdom. They specialize in pastured poultry, and their farm holds many unique animals. I cannot wait to meet HAPPY JACK and AMOS! (OK, especially HAPPY JACK!) I am very excited!!!

Lord willing, if it doesn't rain and if I am not too sick, we will meet these new friends tomorrow morning, and I hope to post some pictures on Monday. Hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful (cold-free) weekend!


jsarber said...

My folks actually had a "Happy Jack" for awhile. Dad bought a miniture pony when Amanda got married and moved away. He named her Mandy B. They are very neat animals. They're like weird looking dogs. She would come when you call her and always wanted to be around people. In fact, I preferred her over Dad's dog.

strem said...

That's so funny. I am anxious to see how the miniature horse and miniature donkey are different. I'll try to provide the update on Monday. Maybe I can meet Mandy B next time I'm up your way???

jsarber said...

I'm afraid not. Apparently Dad got over "losing" his daughter because he sold Mandy B. ;)

Dani said...

I want to hear about this too!