Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stuffed Up

One knows she has a cold when...

* her wastebasket holds more tissues than her tissue box.
* co-workers - without hesitation - tell her, "Wow! You look horrible!"
* co-workers offer her their favorite choice of cold medicine.
* the nearby diner waiter - who doesn't even know what she usually looks like - tells her "Wow! You look horrible!"
* her eyes hurt.
* her eyelids hurt.
* she fully considers sleeping on her tiny office floor instead driving all of the way home.

Yesterday, I thought I had only allergies. This morning, I thought I had only allergies. Guess it was a little more than that. Since arriving at work this morning, it has turned into a full blown case of sneeze, wheeze, sniff, moan and ache. (I'm tempted to share a picture of the horror that has prompted these comments, but I'm afraid I might scare you!) Stay well, my friends. Eat your veggies. Drink your juice. Take your supplements. As soon as I am able, I am going to depart and make my way home for some zinc tablets and some serious sleep.


Siren said...

Aww, poor Strem. Sending healing *HUGS* your way!

Owl of the Desert said...

Hope you feel better soon!

strem said...

Thank you, ladies. I've found out this summer cold situation is going around. I just pray it doesn't last too long!!! Hope you're both feeling super-well.