Thursday, September 20, 2007

Choosing Your Costume

I know that many folks do not observe Halloween anymore or never did. We always used to do so, but our costumes were usually something funny. Not scary. And, we loved visiting all of the neighboring farmers who gave us fruit, candy, and sometimes even quarters or silver dollars. Yes, some years it was all about the candy. But, some years, it was just fun to visit with folks we liked.

When we lived in Easton, IL, there was always a Halloween parade where the sports teams would pile into the back of a truck, cheerleaders would carry their pom pons, some businesses would advertise, and the children would parade around in their costumes. Some were elaborate. This was for a parade in front of the entire town, mind you. So, time and energy were spent in first picking an idea and then constructing it. I distinctly remember one year when my best friend, Kristine, went as a bear. All day, I didn't know it was her! She was all covered up. Fur, ears, whiskers, everything....

So, I found some old photos while continuing to sort through my basement which brought back some memories of this occasion. And, if any readers were struggling with the idea of what to be for Halloween, I thought I could provide some ideas.
Let's see... I spy a witch, a ghost, a clown and a..... uh... er.... HUH??? What is that yellow blob??? That pantless, tights-and-yarn-bow-in-long-braids-and-too-much-rouge-wearin' yellow blob??? It borders on indecent.

I was young. So, please don't blame me. I have no idea how long it took for mom to think up this creation while Kristine's mom was sewing and sewing on that furry bear costume. We still laugh about this. The sad part is that MANY of Aaron's and my earliest costumes fall right into this same category: indescribable.

But, I think Phyllis' message would be the same today: If you're wondering what costume to wear, don't let the conventional standards box you in. Break out. Be free! And, if you want to be a yellow blob (or you want to inflict that on your children,) go ahead. Don't let a little thing like being identifiable stand in your way. Consider running into your room - blindfolded - while grabbing at random clothing. Do the same in your makeup stash. That evening, when you approach the door for candy and the standard question of "what are you?" is uttered with true curiosity by your concerned neighbors, don't feel burdened by the pressure of needing to have an answer - or an answer that makes sense. Just go for it, and don't hold back.

I would have loved to have known what my teacher was thinking when she saw me that day. Walking gumball? Pumpkini Longstocking?


mike3e said...

Hilarious! I love it. And, hey, if you're thinking of resurrecting the ol' yellow blob, you can wear it to our Halloween show at the Old Rock House!!!

Chelle said...

What a hoot! Thanks for the smile.

strem said...

Mike, not a chance!

Chelle, thanks for reading. (And, by the way, I won't be wearing this to the October Violet Threads meeting, either.) :)

Elizabeth said...

It could have been an unpopped pop corn!

strem said...

That is true, Elizabeth. I never thought of that. Mom could have made some popcorn garland instead of those red yarn bows!