Monday, December 18, 2006

Visiting the Smiths

Trip Recap: December 9 & 10, 2006

We couldn't wait to get to the home of Brother Joe and Sister Clovis Smith. Of course, Brother John had stayed with them several times during his visits to the Greenwood Church. Sister Lydia and I had the pleasure of meeting them at our November meeting when they visited Little Flock Church for the first time, and we wanted to know them better.

Brother and Sister Smith welcomed us into their home with open arms. While sitting in their beautiful living room, it was wonderful to hear stories about how they met in school, how their families had migrated to the Delta, their experiences within the church, interesting neighbors, and their children. We had a such a nice evening listening, laughing and swapping stories. It is such a blessing to now call Brother Joe and Sister Clovis our friends.

One most interesting parts of the evening came when they shared the story of how they moved their old home to the location where it now sits. The story goes that 3 sisters of a local family had rights to the house, but it could not be worked out as to whom the house should be given. This is a beautiful home which is believed to have been built sometime between 1830 and 1870. (Various sources have differing dates.) Because the sisters could not come to a solution, they decided to sell it to the Smiths. But, the Smiths needed to move it and found a wonderful piece of land where it is now situated.

You should hear the funny twists and turns that the family and moving company went through to finally get it placed at the back end of this pecan grove. We laughed so hard that our eyes were watering! As Sister Clovis explains, even though it is funny now, many of the details were heart-wrenching at the time. And, it was easy for them to see God clearing the way - literally - at each twist and turn so that the house could be moved and so the Smiths could live in it.

That evening, we stayed up way too late talking, but we knew the next day would be rushed so we tried to take advantage of the time. Sister Clovis enjoys going to auctions, and the home is filled with beautiful antiques. I could have looked at the dishes and furniture for hours! After a good night's sleep and a delicious breakfast, we headed off to church. The visit to the Smiths' house was way too short, and we cannot wait to go back for another visit!

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Sandy-san said...

Beautiful porch! I have always wanted a house that has a beautiful wrap-around porch. I can't see if it goes all the way around on the left, but if it does, this would do it for me!