Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All Smiles

Trip Recap: December 8, 2006

I was all smiles when I discovered we'd be able to stay at the Green house during our trip to Arkansas. It was going to be a short visit, but we were determined to make it a great visit! It seemed that fun was had by all... whether it was while taking the bedroom tour, looking at pretty dolls, drawing pictures, demonstrating reading skills or wrestling moves, visiting the family dog in the backyard, singing songs, enjoying a delicious breakfast pizza together, or showing off lost teeth (at least, the places where the teeth used to be.) These are four of my most favorite smiles in the world!
(OK, OK! I realize one little lady is not all that "smiley" here. She was a little camera shy before having her hair fixed before church. But, I promise you, she was smiling the rest of the time!)

After the young ones headed to bed on Friday night, the "adults" continued the smiles while playing my new DVD Clue game that I received from my cousins at Thanksgiving. Sister Ashlie is a big fan of Clue, and we should have known! She WON! Brother Adam fought off his usual urge of submitting his guesses too early in the game. (Maybe it was because he was distracted while imitating the voices of the butler and the detective on the DVD.)

A word of caution to those trying the new DVD Clue game for the first time: the instructions seem long and tedious. But, after a quick reading to understand the basics, the DVD will lead you through most of the game. We had a slow start... but really got going and had a ton of fun by the end. And, at 1:00 a.m., Sister Ashlie was rewarded with solving the case!

Thank you, friends, for always being so welcoming and wonderful. I miss you already.


Ceridwen said...

I miss my babies!!
I got the original board game (look-alike) for Family Day (Thanksgiving) but this one sounds really fun too!

Sandy-san said...

Beautiful children!!! =)