Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Greenwood Primitive Baptist Church

Trip Recap: Dec 10, 2006

After departing the Smith residence, we headed into Greenwood to worship with the members of Greenwood Primitive Baptist Church. We were fortunate to have met some at our November Meeting and have heard so many good things about the rest from Brother John. As always, it is wonderful to meet new brothers and sisters that you feel like you've known forever. We were able to meet some visitors, find out about the family connections, and have wonderful services together.

After services we headed to a nearby nursing home that the church visits the 2nd Sunday of each month. We sang hymns and carols, and the young ones handed out treat bags to the residents who came to sing with us. I miss the days when our own church did that. Pictured above, some of the members group together so I can take a picture before we depart.

Here are two friends who are especially close to Brother John, and they made Lydia and me feel so welcome. We cannot wait to visit with you again, Callie Lane and Julia Love!

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Sandy-san said...

So this is Greenwood!!! I have heard so much about it lately... *smile*

Those little girls are SUCH cute little dolls! <3