Friday, December 01, 2006

Storm Scenes from Strem's Place, Part One

Here are some of the shots from down the street and around my neighborhood. All through the night, I could hear the limbs cracking, ice crashing, and power lines going down. I live in one of the oldest sections of Edwardsville, so we have very old and very tall trees. Little by little, power went out section by section all around me. You'll see a picture of a young tree in my neighbor's yard. It was a beautiful tree with maroon leaves...they called it a plum tree. But, it looks like it might be a total loss. Some of my neighbors have so much clean-up to do...and have lost some beautiful trees. (Click or double click on any picture to see a larger version.)

At about 4:30 a.m., the fire trucks started going around the neighborhoods to assess the damage and try to move limbs, if possible. So, there is yellow tape all over my neighborhood. I had to find a route out of it. And, I had to wait until some men came out of their houses so that they could help me move limbs out of the road. Most of them were trying to stay inside their houses to save their heat - since they had no power.


BlondeBarbie16 said...

I'm tellin ya, it's just simply not fair that y'all get all the snow. Save some for us here in Cincy!

Nice blog by the way. You can hardly tell that you don't know diddly squat about HTML or whatevner they're called.


Sandy-san said...

The pictures you have on here are really good, Michelle. I thought Aaron had a camera that I could use to capture these awesome ice structures, but he doesn't. He took it back. Maybe that's what I need to get myself for Christmas! Anyway, good job!

Oh, and if anybody wants this ice, THEY CAN HAVE IT! (I don't want it!)

strem said...

Blondebarbie16: Thanks for checking in here. I never did hear if you were hit by the storm - even though I have lots of friends in Cinci. Hope you are safe. Things are getting back to normal around here.

strem said...

Sandy-san: These pictures were taken right from my front yard - but don't show the worst of it from around town. The ice in the undisturbed areas looks so beautiful on the trees. I am borrowing this camera from Chris right now... but like you, I need to purchase one of my own!