Thursday, December 21, 2006

Guilty Pleasure: Trick My Truck

When I had expanded cable, it seemed I could never keep track of what was on or when I could see "my shows." After some modifications to my budget, however, I switched to basic cable and the number of available channels on my TV greatly decreased. For over two years now, I've received the 4 main network channels, WB/UPN/CB, many home shopping networks, a Spanish channel, a few religious networks, the TV Guide Channel....and CMT! (Country Music Television)

I cannot tell you how happy I was that CMT was included in the package. While I don't like some of the shows, I like watching the majoriy of the specials that are regularly aired. And, much to my surprise (and probably everyone else's), I just can't get enough of Trick My Truck.

I don't know why I love this show so much. I don't I even know one single trucker. But, CMT sometimes even shows marathons, and I can sit and watch for hours - even the episodes I've already seen.

It's a poorly acted reality show (oxymoron), and the unrefined "cast" (also known as the Chrome Shop Mafia) goofs around a lot. (OK. Maybe I am starting to realize why I like this show.) A professional trucker with a rundown big rig is usually nominated by a loving family member or friend to have their truck "tricked" (customized) into completely loaded dream rig. Each episode covers one truck and all of the repairs that are made to that vehicle, and the results are astounding.

My favorite "character" on the show is Ryno. He's the custom airbrush painter, and I can't even begin to describe his work. Hope you can check out some of the episodes to see his masterpieces.
Other favorite parts of each episode:
  • The bad acting (which is pretty much 95% of all episodes.) Each time an individual is surprised when finding out that his or her truck will be tricked, the whole team meets the unsuspecting individual at a particular truck stop in Joplin. I have no idea how the real surprise plays out, but the very bad acting performed by the customizing team (and usually the surprised individuals) in re-enacting the surprise makes me want to look away from the screen..... yet, I just cannot do it!
  • Listening for grammatical errors
  • Anytime "Scrapyard Dog" starts up his blow torch
  • Anytime Rob is installing a sound or entertainment system or a neat gadget into the sleeper portion of the truck
  • At the end of each episode, the trucker return to see what the cast has done to their rig. The team goes through the truck from head to tail to show off the customizations before the trucker gets in the seat to leave. For some reason, I love watching Bryan, the lead man, wave his fingers to direct the truck out of the shed while telling the trucker "We'll be seein' ya."

So, understanding all of this, you may understand why I actually let out a little squeal last week when driving to the post office during my lunch hour... after seeing this beauty! It was situated in the parking lot of a nearby strip mall - just one mile from my office!
Immediately I recognized this as the truck "Fort Stockton" that was designed for Ed and Linda Stockton, a driving duo. As grandparents, these two truckers hate being away from their grandchildren so often and wanted to have a rig that would be fun for and reflect their love for the kids. The Chrome Shop Mafia gave them just that - and much more - in this "tree house truck."
Even their little poodle has a special window of its very own - directly on the passenger side door. I was surprised to see that this very episode will be shown on CMT TONIGHT - in the middle of a MARATHON! So, consider checking it out if you are able or see this episode recap page (with pictures) for details. Even more information about the series can be found by reading this interview with two members of the cast. (Remember, grammar is not a strong point.) The new season of "Trick My Truck" is scheduled to begin in January 2007.


Siren said...

Hee hee! Our guilty pleasure is American Chopper, although we will also sometimes indulge in Pimp My Ride and Overhaulin' : )

audreysnanny said...

I take it that this is a local station and show? I've never heard of it. But then, again, I see very little TV. Maybe I need to get out more? :) By the way, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all your family and friends!!!

Elizabeth said...

You know being that close to one of the 'tricked trucks' is kind of like being near a celebrity. I am glad you took the picture, although I have never seen the show. At my house, we throw it back to antenna television - needless to say, we don't watch much.
Merry Christmas

Ceridwen said...

That is quite a truck!

strem said...

Country Music Television is a nation-wide cable channel that is aired out of Nashville, I believe. I don't think anyone can receive it without purchasing some type of cable package, however small. The shows I like best are the specials with bluegrass and country stars of the past... and especially those performed Ryman Auditorium or Opryland.

Sandy-san said...

This is too funny!

Slimeface said...

Cool truck! b:)

Here's another view I saw in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with the driver of the Tree House truck today and he told me that he filled out a form and put up a 25000.00 retainer .And that the so called loaner truck is rented from them. He said it took six months to complete the truck not six days or so like the show has you to believe. 20 grand to do the truck and 5 grand went to rent the loaner truck.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this truck 4 times in the last week, i drive about 50 miles to college and i see it almost every day as he passes me down the highway. I live in Mena Arkansas and travel south to De Queen Arkansas, and i meet this truck almost every time, so I'm guessing he's either sold the rig, or he has a route on Highway 71 in Arkansas. I wish I'd find him parked, i wouldnt bug them, just ask for a pic. the only other "tricked trucks" ive seen is the lucky 7 truck and sum other red one, i dont kno which one it was tho. but it is nice to see these things, from a tv show to your highways across the U.S. even in towns of 5,000 or less like mine

Clorinda Disimone said...

Whoa! What a truck! Too bad I haven't seen this yet. Do you have plans to buy trucks like this? I would love to own a truck like this, but I'm afraid I can't handle and drive it well. =O

Duncan Moredock said...

That truck's such a knock-out! You're lucky to have seen that in person! I'd also love to own a beautiful truck like that! =D