Friday, December 15, 2006

Making A List, Checking It Twice

Now is the time for the annual task of making, checking, deleting, correcting, and adding to the Christmas card lists. Well, I'm sure I am behind most everyone, so it's probably way past the right time for this. And, this year, I guess I am sending out mostly "New Year postcards" instead of "Christmas cards." So, maybe, just maybe, I'm right on time. I don't know how this goes for others, but this project has turned into quite a chore for me.

The problems?

  • I've moved too much and am still struggling to feel completely settled. I have little slips of paper that people have given me with their addresses on them. My address book is packed, and I am trying to find room to add more information. (Maybe that's what I should have asked for on my Christmas list... a super-huge address book.)
  • Some of my friends have moved as often as I have. So, I'm smart enough to keep writing everything in pencil. But, when I look at an address, I sometimes don't know if the one I am seeing is the new new one, the new old one, the old new one, or the old old one.
  • And, I admit it. I sometimes can't keep track of some of my old friends' children's names - especially when number of children > 6 or when our visits are years apart. I'm usually VERY good at remembering, but last night I was really struggling. And, part of the time, I couldn't even fit all of the names onto the card.
  • Each year, I waste hours thumbing through all of my addresses to find the ones to whom I want to send cards.
  • So, in an effort to streamline the effort, I finally made a database exclusively for Christmas card sending. It took me a total of 6 hours to complete all of the entering, editing, double-checking, going back through old emails, and calling Mom to verify. It then took me quite a while to set up the address template and print the cards. It's been work this week. But, in all, I think I saved a lot of time for myself for future years, and it's worth it. I love receiving cards in the mail, and I love sending notes to those who I care about - even friends who can now correspond only once a year.

    I'm halfway through writing my personal notes on the cards. (HAND CRAMPS!) So, in moments, I'll be taking a break and heading out to the post office to purchase stamps before my early lunch hour ends. Hopefully, it won't be too rushed there. There was a long line at the post office this morning... and the people I saw looked extremely aggravated.

    In light of this errand, I thought I'd post a "funny" that was sent to me by my aunt today.

    A woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Christmas cards.

    She says to the clerk, "May I have 50 Christmas stamps?"

    The clerk says, "What denomination?"

    The woman says, "God, please help us. Has it come to this? Give me 6 Catholic, 12 Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran and 22 Baptists."

    (I have no idea what I'd be asking for! Guess I'd better go back through my database before heading to the post office.) :)


    ShowJumper said...

    I must say, it is such a relief to get all those cards sent out! I KNOW I am forgetting soemone though........ARGH!

    Do you know all the names of the
    A--------- family? LOL

    sorry I didn't get around to checking out your blog sooner, it's awesome!

    Siren said...

    I always get irritated when I buy my Christmas stamps... because they ALWAYS ask "religious or non-religious" and they invariably give me funny looks (this year the guy actually gave me a hard time) when I asked for non-religious.

    It bugs me they're judging my choice of stamps - how do they know what the reasons are? Aside from personal preference, I've got a business and have to be careful about that sort of thing when sending cards to clients.

    It also bugs me when they then proceed to tell me they're all out (they why did they give me a choice?!), or only have one kind so I'm stuck with 'em. Can't they just let me buy my snowflake stamps and go in peace?

    (Here's hoping your post office pilgrimage is quick and hassle free!)

    Sandy-san said...

    =D Cute joke!

    I almost didn't send out Christmas cards this year. It feels so strange not putting pictures in the cards, so... I almost decided not to chuck it.

    I'm glad I did, though.

    I am sure I don't have as many friends and family as you do, so mine was pretty easy, however I did end up sending 75 this year, which is the most I have ever sent out in one year!