Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Beautiful Balloons!

I'll interrupt the recapping of the trip to bring you a report from last night.

I forgot how much fun school programs are - especially those of pre-schoolers! It was time for one of the area school districts to highlight their little ones, and one of those very talented youngsters is my friend, Tressa. The evening was built around the theme of storytelling. So, a wonderful storyteller was on hand to entertain the children while a reading specialist offered tips for better storytelling to the parents. The district gave away free books to the families, and we enjoyed good cookies and fruit punch (right out of those miniature cartons that usually hold milk.) The evening's highlight was "the program" - a story of a music box that was told by a teacher, accompanied on autoharp by another teacher, and presented in sign language by Tressa's Mama, Tracy. As each set of characters (dancing bears, toy soldiers, model trains, etc.) was introduced in the story, each preschool class stood up and danced and sang to the music that was played for that particular character. Then, it was time for the "play group" (pre-pre-school), and time for the beautiful floating balloons! I'm partial, but I think this was the most beautiful that I saw.

Little Abigail wasn't quite sure about what was going on, and she wouldn't keep her balloon on for very long. But, she sure had a fun time running around the "cafetorium" and modeling her new coat!

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Sandy-san said...

Awww!!! They are both such cutie-pies!