Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I am flabbergasted by something I found out today. I have no idea why I was misinformed, but I was.

I'm sure you've all seen luffas (sometimes spelled loofahs... you know, that scratchy sponge-like item you might see in a shower or use to wash dishes? It looks like a super-sized shredded wheat.) Did all of you know that a luffa is a VEGETABLE... and NOT from the sea?

I don't know why I was so misguided. Maybe because they are often called luffa sponges. And, since natural sponges grow in the ocean, I thought that luffas did also.

Well, they don't! They grow in a cucumber-like or zucchini-like plant... on a vine. Here is a wonderful explanation of the process of preparing a luffa, and here's some information about how luffas grow. Here's another page of information and resources.

I was just telling Brother Tom and Sister Elaine last night that I have been wanting a garden for many years. And, I'm now finally feeling better settled to have one. However, even though my back yard is so large, I have very few sunny areas because of the huge trees each of my neighbors and I have. I have played around with the idea of just making a long, narrow strip of a garden down the west side of my house where there is little shade. (I will, of course, call the power company first so they can mark their lines before I start digging.) And, I thought I would start slowly with just a vegetable or two and add something new each year.

Well, I think I've definitely found my first item to grow. The luffa! I am very excited. I guess I'd better get going on building a trellis and finding some seeds so that I can be ready to start the growing process inside my house in early spring. I am continually amazed at the unique things God has created.

P.S. I think I'm also going to try this idea of growing potatoes in a tire. When you reach this page, please click on the link for the original post to receive the entire story. Odd, but fascinating.


Elizabeth said...

What!!! A loofah is a vegetable. Impossible! :)
How does one eat a loofah, it is a vegetable....hmmm
That's really interesting. I think it would be pretty cool to have one long strip of garden, then you never have to worry about stepping on the plants in the row behind you.

Sandy-san said...

I thought it was a vegetable (from what I read below), but a sea vegetation... Hmm...

Siren said...

OK, this is INSANE. You are officially the second woman in my life in the last few months to have a source-of-loofahs revelation and decide to grow them. Too funny.

My best friend got the urge earlier this summer. This is not an unusual type of thing for her to do - she's currently growing a mushroom log in her living room. I think it's cool and look forward to the day when I don't have to buy my loofahs at Walmart : )

Aaron said...

I believe that you are just scratching the surface of this topic.

Sandy-san said...


What a way to rough things up!

strem said...

Aaron, you really crack me up. I'm still laughing about this one. Thanks for continuing to check in here at the blog.