Tuesday, November 07, 2006

2006 Fall Meeting

If you would like to view some photos from our fall meeting that was just held at Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church this past weekend, please visit our picture page.

We are currently developing our web site and our pictures, so please bear with us until these are finalized and better organized. Also, please forgive some of our blurry photos from the weekend - as we were experiencing technical difficulties with the cameras.

We were greatly blessed by God... not only by the preaching by Elder Steven Bloyd and Elder Clayton Nowell... but also by the wonderful support from and fellowship with our visiting brothers and sisters. We were thankful to have visitors from churches in Maryland, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois.


Malear said...

Wish that I was able to go. Seemed like a great meeting. Maybe next year i will be able to go. :)

Sandy-san said...

The meeting was a real blessing... I enjoyed the messages from Elder Bloyd and Elder Nowell. I also very much enjoyed the fellowship with everyone visiting and with everyone from LFPBC.