Thursday, November 30, 2006

Missing Mitzi

Yesterday was an extremely sad day for our family. I know others have different views of animals, but our pets mean a lot to us. And, yesterday, we had to have our long-time cat, Mitzi, put to sleep.

Mitzi was given to me about 18 years ago as a Christmas present from my family. She was such a funny cat, sliding in and out of the "kitty condo" and playing with string we'd dangle before her. She'd go on adventures out in the woods with Aaron and me. She'd entertain Dad's piano students. She'd cuddle up and sleep with me each night (when she was inside the house)... even up to this past weekend when I was home for Thanksgiving.

This is the only picture I could find right away, but this is a photo of Mitzi from 3 years ago. Even in her later years, we thought she was a pretty kitty.

When I moved away to college, Mitzi, of course, stayed home with Mom and Dad, and she has been there ever since. But, I was always very happy to see her when I walked through the door when I came home for a visit. Mom has always thought that Mitzi knew it was me each time I visited. Maybe it was because I gave her a lot of attention. I always missed her when I was away.

It is uncommon for cats to live for 18 years, as long as Mitzi did. But, she was with us so long that it felt like she was a member of our family. Because of that, we miss her - and will continue to miss her - very much. And, we are very thankful for the blessing of having her.


Chris said...

Strem, I'm sorry that Mitzi had to be put to sleep, I know how hard it is to lose a pet-friend. When I was a year old I was given an Australian Shepherd which I had until I was about 11. I was so distraught and even now, 15 years later I still miss him.

*Hugs to Strem!*

Love, Me

Sandy-san said...

I'm so sorry, Michelle... =(

Siren said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. I completely understand what it's like to lose a beloved pet and I wish I could a great big hug.

While it is uncommon for a cat to live that long, speaking as a former vet tech I can tell you it usually means that she was lovingly cared for and extremely well taken care of. You did right by her and I'm sure she loved you for it.

strem said...

Thanks, Chris, Sandy-san, and Siren for your kind thoughts. It will be hard to go home for Christmas and not see her around the house. I know Mom and Dad miss her every day. People will laugh at us, but we're going to frame a good picture of Mitzi and hang it in our living room.