Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm Now A Beta Blogger

I was putting it off for weeks now... but kept seeing different blogger friends writing pleas to have everyone switch to Beta. So, yesterday, I took the leap.

To be honest, so far, I have not seen many differences. The only thing that I've really noticed is that I go somewhere else to log in.... and many of my blog's comments which were once assigned to a name or a fellow blogger have mysteriously changed to "anonymous." I'm not very happy about that.

However, I have not yet gone to take the "Beta Blogger Tutorial" to see the abilities of which I am now capable... so, hopefully, after that, I will be able to do something fancy-shmancy. We'll see. I hear there are some nice "drag and drop features," and I hope to understand them better. Or, I'm sure my high school friend, Siren, will be willing to give me yet another tutorial on HTML and blogging.

So, to all of you who are still on "the dark side", I guess I would say, "Come on in. The water's warm. And, there's nothing to be scared of." (At least, I haven't found anything scary YET!)


Elizabeth said...

I don't know...is it worth it? :)

strem said...

Can anyone - who knows more than I do - give a quick explanation on why it'd be an advantage to Elizabeth (and others) to switch?

I know she'd appreciate it.... and I would too!

Sandy-san said...

Okay, I changed mine a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't seen any real benefit to switching.

Now, having said that, I did make another blog (I Need A Car) because I messed up somewhere somehow down the line when I was playing around with adding adsense on my original site. I edited my site by taking off the adsense and was going to place it on the right-hand side on the end, and viola! I now have a lopsided blog! *ARGGGH* *pulling my hair out* *frazzled from lack of sleep and digging out from under tons of html codes*

I added the new blog to see what html code I accidently deleted or changed, but so far I can't find what it is. The new drop in areas are pretty neat features, however, you cannot go into the main area to rectify the html codes like you can on the template. That original part I enjoyed because I didn't have to go to all these other areas to make my changes.

I also am frustrated because I have to sign-in twice. Hello? Let me sign in with my gmail account and let me be done with it! Grrr...

Anyway, the ONLY good benefit by switching is that the saves are quick and painless. Before I changed over, sometimes I had to wait forever for my saves.

Sorry this is so long!

Dani said...

I did not have a problem with losing comments, that is odd.

I can't tell much off a difference, except it shows your comments, so you can tell when someone has commented from dashboard.

Siren said...

I have a confession to make... I am not yet a Beta Blogger.

I've been supremely irritated by all the logging-in nonsense on all the sites that have switched over, and I've had comment issues (sometimes it says I'm anonymous, sometimes it says I'm Michelle - and I didn't set up my account with my real name - and sometimes it says I'm Siren). I don't want to irritate anybody trying to post on my site - I only have a few readers as it is!

I suppose at some point soon when I'm feeling wild and crazy (like if this blizzard traps me in the house for more than a few days!) I'll take the leap. But so far nothing I've heard is making me look forward to it.