Thursday, November 02, 2006


As you know, I wrote that I needed to start keeping track of the pumpkin signs with "creative spelling" around this area. And, in the last week, I have seen MANY... but spelled in the following ways:

pumpkins (YAY!)

Makes one want to rip up the signs and just chuck them.

Buy, hey! Instead of chucking the signs, have you ever thought of chucking the pumpkins?

That's what my brother does with his physics class each year at the Morton Pumpkin Festival "Punkin Chuckin' Competition." Be sure to check out the photos of the trebuchet, the physics students from Illini Bluffs High School, and my brother. Congratulations to the class for beating its previous record!


Piano Man said...

All of those different spellings make me want to squash the pumpkin signs.

Sandy-san said...

*back of hand over the forehead* *feeling slightly faint* Oh, those wretched signs just gourd my heart to pieces. *sigh*

*dramatic exit*

(okay, I quit!)


Dani said...

Well the international students on campus always do the same to any pumpkins that haven't been dropped from the top of the parking deck. It always "leaves" pumpkin guts everywhere. This year the campus security was trying to "stem" the inevitable, so intead they took it down to "vine" street (honest) here in town, and as I hear they "Seed" to it that they all got smushed up real good like.

:) Now that isn't corny but pumpkin-y.

Piano Man said...

I was trying to think of a pun about the trebuchet but I think I lack the leverage to come up with anything very good. I think I will just toss in the towel.

strem said...

It seems we've been catapulted into a new discussion, so I was going to carve out some time to join in. But, I didn't know whether I was supposed to make a comment about pumpkins or trebuchets. I think we've hit a rough patch!

Piano Man said...

Acorn-y pun about pumpkins or squash(es?) is not a bad thing now and then. Butternut get carried away, though.

Mom says that they are okay whether winter or summer.

Orange you glad we got these started on this subject?