Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Magnify Him With Thanksgiving

Psalm 69:30 I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.

Several of us have been soaking in the blessing of having the "scripture songs" CD that was originally recorded on audio tape many years ago at Harmony Hill Singing School. It seems not a day goes by where I don't catch myself singing these verses aloud while I do my work. What a blessing it is stay focused on scripture throughout the day! I have been trying to read along with scriptures as I hear the music each evening, and this has been wonderful - especially when I am able to join other brothers and sisters in singing these scriptures after worship services on Sunday afternoons. But, I have been anxious to find out if the attendees at the singing school long ago were reading music from a published hymnal. I have written to the Harmony Hill Singing School web site to inquire, and I will post the answer as soon as it is revealed.

I have many like-minded "email friends" across the country, and several times, I have heard them speak of the "musical Serven family." I have also heard of the Genevan Foundation for Cultural Renewal many times. Little did I know that foundation was created by the Serven clan and that this family resides very near us! It has been wonderful to discover that they share a love of Sacred Harp singing and of singing scriptures - specifically the psalms. If you're interested in learning about psalm singing, please check out their FAQs page about psalters.

Do you have a favorite Sacred Harp, hymn, or scripture song CD to which you often listen? Please share the group, singing school, or producer who has created the recording, where one might purchase it, and why you like it so much.


Dani said...

I listen to "Child of Grace," there is a link to it on my blogspot. I have been traveling around on line downloading all the church singing I can find.

fasolamatt said...

The Owen family of McMahan, TX has a new double CD out called "A Heritage of Singing" that is wonderful; includes both SH tunes and tunes from "Harp of Ages". Their singing in the spring is a don't miss (April 28-29 this year).

They are $15 per set, and the postage and shipping costs are
$2.50. Prepayment is appreciated and may be sent to Beverly Coates, 675 Brookhollow Circle, Combine, TX 75159. Please make checks payable to the Owen

strem said...

Thanks, fasolamatt. I will definitely check that out!

Lately, I have returned to listening to one of my favorite hymn CDs, "We Will Glorify THE KING OF KINGS" , directed by Sonny Lowrance. It can be purchased from the Baptist Bible Hour site.