Friday, November 03, 2006

Health Challenge

Piano Man and I are heading into a 21-week, intense HEALTH CHALLENGE in an attempt to get down the pounds, get up off the couch, increase our activity, decrease our cholesterol, lower our heart rates, raise our spirits, eliminate our excuses, develop our muscles, attack our BMIs, surrender to good common sense, lose bad habits, find new paths, and gain good healthy lives.

We each have our own goals, methods, dietary needs, dietary restrictions, and plans set in place. And, the "winner" receives a big monetary benefit toward the vacation we hope to take together this coming summer. But, we're in this together.


Wherever we go, whatever we do,
we're gonna go through it together.
We may not go far (YES WE WILL!), but sure as a star,
wherever we are, it's together.

Wherever I go I know he goes.
Wherever I go I know she goes.
No fits, no fights, no feuds (USUALLY?!)
and no egos, Amigos, together!

Through thick and through THIN!
all out or all in.
And whether it's win, place or show.
With you for me and me for you,
we'll muddle through whatever we do.
Together, wherever we go!

We probably never will post our weights here.....but from time to time, you may just see reports about how much weight we've lost or the percentage of the goal we've reached. Would you like to join us in becoming healthy? Feel free to jump on our team, and check in from time to time. (I'll even send you little motivational emails and helpful tips like I am sending Dad!)

Either way, we hope you will encourage us, provide gentle reminders, comment if you notice any good results, and...most of all...pray for us during this very important time.

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Sandy-san said...

I'll take that motivational email; I can use all the help I can get! *praying for your health goals*