Monday, March 17, 2008

Not Once

Thanks to my green stone necklace and the slight hint of pine green in my skirt, I wasn't pinched today. Not even once. What a relief!

That also might be because my co-workers were trying to stay away from me because I was attempting to speak with an Irish accent for the last 10.5 hours.

Yeah... now that I think of it, that's more likely to be the real reason.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I'm glad you didn't get pinched, and I don't see how your co-workers could have resisted conversation with you...I mean an Irish accent is tons of fun.

Kelly Spezzano said...

LOL~ You are so funny! After the results of the "accent quiz" I cannot imagine what you would have sounded like with an "Irish" accent too! LOL

Jeremy Sarber said...

That's funny. I want to hear this accent.

Denise said...

Just came across your blog and this post just made me laugh. Thanks for sharing the fun in your life and the words of wisdom scattered throughout.