Friday, March 07, 2008

A Big Opportunity

As I wrote a couple a couple of weeks ago, things are really changing at our workplace. We were once part of a huge world-wide company, and we were recently purchased by a smaller company. We were quite shocked with the sale, and some employees became uneasy about the future. But, from all interactions with the new owners, this new adventure seems like it will be a very positive one.

I had stopped my job search so that I might reap some rewards of celebrating five years at the company. But, with the sale, I wondered if this might be the forced push for me to obtain more challenging and more rewarding and more creative job somewhere else. The thoughts that were swirling in other employees' heads were also swirling in mine. 'Maybe the new owners will think this position is not needed....' or even more discouraging, 'Maybe the new owners will not think I'm suitable to stay on staff for any new opportunities that might arise.'

Little did I know that I had somehow made an impression on them. In the midst of basement troubles, vacation days, being out sick, attending my cousin's funeral services and trying to keep my sanity, I made an impression, and it was a good one. Because, as the craziness of the previous weeks started to wind down, the owner called me into his office and asked if I would like to take on the challenge of leading the Human Resources efforts. I won't go into all of the details, but I was thrilled and surprised and happy. This was a long-awaited answer to prayer, and I said yes. YES YES YES! And, I am so very thankful for this opportunity to work hard - for this site, for the new owners with whom I'm extremely impressed, and my co-workers who I care for so very much.

Setting up all of the Human Resources details is a lot of hard work and will involve many late nights. I would very much appreciate your prayers during this time of the company transition, and I want to thank those of you who have been praying for me regarding my job all along. I'm sure hopeful for the future!


Elizabeth said...

Praise the Lord!!!

I'm so excited for you!

rhotonl said...

Strem - congrats! You are one of the best HR people I've worked with over the years and I'm very, very happy for you!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Yes, Praise the Lord!!!

We've been hearing sermons lately about the humble being exalted and the prideful being abased, and I think this is a clear example! Having no idea that you have made a good impression on the new owners means that your work has been for the Lord (not with eyeservice, as menpleasers). I am really happy for you and I hope you enjoy the new position!

PS I will be commenting soon on your blogs that I missed while I was offline~ so be on the lookout!

Jeremy Sarber said...

That's fantastic. Good for you.

strem said...

Thanks for all of the encouragement, friends. That is so nice to hear. Everything is going well so far (from my view), and I hope that just continues and continues.