Friday, March 21, 2008

Exceptional Courage

Just wanted to ask for prayers for a close friend who will be having major surgery on Monday. She is a very supportive co-worker who is wonderful to remind me that God is watching over me each day. I just wanted to ask those of you reading this if you would pray that she be reminded in the coming weeks that the same is true for her, that she may be blessed with quick healing, and that she may have exceptional courage while approaching her surgery and recovery.

Exceptional Courage
Does courage become my attitude, when I'm swept up by the storm?
Am I running into battle, holding firm unto the Lord?
You see, my courage is contagious when I take time to follow through;
For, as I walk inside HIS Kingdom, I'm being set apart for truth!
So, when I find that I am frail; and sabotaged by fears;
I'll put my trust in Jesus and I'll give Him all my cares.
I'll align myself within His Word, I'll stand steady, strong and firm;
Resisting every flame of hell and it's fires sent to burn
For I AM a mighty warrior, and I'll stand faithful in my walk;
Rebuking opposition and bowing down before the Rock.
You see, I'm called to be courageous inside the darkest storm;
Finding victory in each battle and strength within the war.
It's the hand of God upon me that will lead me safely through ~
It's listening to HIS voice and abiding in HIS truth.
For He IS my only answer, when I'm lost inside the storm;
When the powers of hell are raging, and I'm weary, tired and worn.
It's HIS courage that lives within me that revives me once again ~
To overcome the turbulence and ride the tempest winds!
Yes, His Spirit gives me victory in the midst of every storm
When I learn to stand in courage and put my trust upon the Lord!
-Terese Holloway

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Kelly Spezzano said...

We will certainly be in prayer for your co-worker! I really like that peom. What a wonderful reminder to lean on the Lord!