Friday, August 24, 2007

Pet Peeves for a Nickel, Entire Box for 50 Cents

Today and tomorrow, some of the group is holding a yard sale - an event that has become an annual tradition. A lot of fun. Some hard work. A good way to get rid of a lot of STUFF that has accumulated throughout the year (or years.)

Of course, I am writing this on my lunch break... so I am here at work. But, Tracy, Lydia, Chris and Brother Bill are holding down the fort at my house where tables and tables of cheaply priced items are awaiting introductions to their new owners. Tomorrow is my assigned day, but I wish I were home joining in the fun today. Oh well. That is just the first of a few pet peeves that seem to return every year along with the yard sale event. Let's review a few others:

1) No matter how well I plan ahead, it always takes me much longer to sort and price things than I plan.
2) No matter how well I search, I still think of things the night before and morning of the yard sale that I should put out.
2a) I can think of at least 5 things right now that are in my house that should be out on the lawn.
3) No matter how big or bold or "fancy-fonted" you may print "NO EARLY SALES" in the newspaper ad, people always show up early.
4) There are some years - like this year - when people show up ESPECIALLY early. 6:50 a.m. anyone?
5) No matter how many times you explain to the people who are roaming around your backyard that you are not ready, the other yard sale staff members are not here yet, and there won't be any sales until 8 am, they continue to ask you if they can buy something early.
6) No matter how many times one yard sale staff member tells a particular gentleman that he can't buy his stuff before we're all ready to go, he goes to another staff member to ask.
7) I had to come to work. (It seemed worth mentioning again.)
8) I became so busy handling the prior pet peeves that I failed to take pictures of some of our "featured items" for the sale. (Thankfully, they are so ugly that they are likely to still be available when I return home this evening! Maybe you'll see some photos here on Monday.)

We priced our items very cheaply. CHEEEEEAAAAPPPP! And, after one phone call to the sale staff, it was reported that our junk is moving like hot cakes. GREAT! We're hoping for huge success in getting rid of our clutter, and from noon to 1 p.m. tomorrow, we're selling everything for half price. After that, who knows? The more we sell, the less we have to haul to Goodwill or back into our homes.


Dani said...

So what will all the money go too?

Elizabeth said...

How'd it go? New church AC here you come, right?

Owl of the Desert said...

It seems like I remember having people lining the yard at 6:00 and 6:30...that's just too early.

I love going to yard sales, though, mostly looking for books. If you have any left over, let me know! :-)

Hope it went well.

strem said...

Dani: Each year, we try to round up as many participants as possible, and we've used my house because it is in a good location. Each participant labels their items with a price and their own initials. Then, we keep track of the initials for each purchase. That way, when the sale is over, the money is divided up according to what is sold, and each participant chooses to use the money in whatever way he/she wants. However, most of the money has gone to the church... some donating 50%, 75%, or 100%. It's each person's choice. We believe it yields much better results for all of us when we have the sale together.

Elizabeth: I'm happy to announce we sold almost $900 in merchanidise. Some were GREAT bargains, and others were just junk. But, like "they" say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. As you heard during your visit, our church is looking into obtaining a new AC system, and we also have a meeting in the fall... so I pray our donations will assist in those endeavors.

Owl: Thanks for stopping by. I fear I was not able to see your post before the end of the sale. Brother Jerry was selling part of his library, and there were some great books. (I added a few to my library.) A man offered to take all of our leftover yard sale stuff to help in a sale for the church he attends, so we gave him what was left Saturday afternoon and were thankful for his help. I'm sure we'll have another sale next year... so we'll keep you posted on the books then!