Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm Most Me When...

There are those times when I feel ALIVE. Totally here. Completely engaged in what I'm supposed to be doing. They are both the times when electricity is flowing through every cell of my body AND when I am feeling the most calm and at home within myself. Both elevated and grounded. Alive and jumpy. Yet secure in my shoes. Most ME, if you will. (I hope you will.)

Along the way, I've felt off kilter, out of the groove, lost. Some of those spans have turned into years. Life has brought ups and downs and alternate paths, and several of those paths have taken me away from the activities in which I feel most in tune. At the time, I felt I had to focus on what I thought absolutely had to be done. I became distracted.

After many moves and unsettling experiences, I became tired of that routine. It doesn't even make sense. But, I've found many who are walking through life doing the same. Year after year. Decade after decade. Sometime this past year, I said "Enough is enough." It was time to return to some of the memories of the past. It was time to seek alternatives. It was time to become recommitted to what I know I should do, Must Do, JUST HAVE TO DO!

So, I have. And, I hope to continue.

I'm Most Me When I... (in no particular order)
*pray before bedtime.
*laugh out loud.
*create things with my own two hands.
*search the scriptures for an answer.
*help someone when they really need help.
*make a new friend.
*sing, sing, sing!
*fully accept a hug.
*plant flowers.
*talk to my brother.
*drive with the windows down.
*create a new work program or event from scratch.
*explore a new place.
*begin a hand-written letter.
*thumb through a dictionary.
*hold someone's hand.
*did I mention SING?

There are many more, and some are way too embarrassing to share here. When considering the topic, these are what just came to mind today. Some of them probably don't mean anything to anyone else in the grand scheme of things, but some of them feel as if they mean everything.

Are there activities that come to your mind? Instances where you feel like you're exactly where you should be... and that you should return to them as often as possible? Things you do when you're most YOU?


Dani said...

I am going to think on this one a bit more and maybe write a post on it.

Siren said...

When I'm...
- cooking something from scratch for my loved ones
- playing with my dogs
- reading
- in the middle of a tough training session, pushing to see just how much farther I can go

lydia said...

I enjoyed reading your list. Check out my latest post for my own list.

Dani said...

I finally have my own list...

Sandy-san said...

I'm mostly me

*hanging out with the boys and family
*being around the folks that I care and admire
*reading anything that is within reach
*napping on my brown recliner
*drawing faces in my sketchbook
*talking on the phone with my sweetie
*driving around in my car
*shopping at the local Goodwill stores
*singing a hymn that I woke up with