Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nashville Trip: Tuesday

On Tuesday, we set out for the Hermitage. It was an extremely HOT day. And, much of time at the site was spent outside walking on the grounds. So, even though it seems like we didn't do much that day, it sure felt like it.

The Hermitage was the home of President Andrew Jackson, and it is restored to how it would have looked in 1837 when Jackson returned to his home after his presidency. During the restoration process, the staff even found the old wallpaper hidden in the layers, and each portion of the house is now decorated with either the original wallpaper/art or reproductions of the original. Unfortunately, we were not able to take pictures on the interior. But, here are some of the exterior. First, that's me - overheating - while standing on the carriage lane leading to the front of the home. Second, here's a photo of the back of the main portion of the home.

The gardens were gorgeous - filled with purple and pink flowers (my favorite!) Here I am after a long walk - again, overheating - enjoying the flora (and the place to rest). Butterflies were everywhere. Situated within the garden is the burial place for President Jackson and his wife, Rachel Donelson Jackson.

If you would like to know more about these related topics, please consider reading the history on the following links: President Jackson, the Hermitage Home, the Museum, the Gardens, Preservation Efforts.

There were 3 funny/interesting things that happened while we were at the Hermitage:
1) The museum film lacked the quality that the rest of the site possessed. In short, the picture didn't line up quite right in most of the scenes, and it seemed like we were watching a 3-D movie. Aaron kept reaching out to touch objects in the air like we often do when watching a 3-D movie. Too bad we forgot our special glasses at home! We kept laughing and laughing, and Mom hushed us. So, we tried our best to be quiet, but it was difficult.
2) Something riled up the plantation's donkeys at one point. I just love the sound of a donkey when several are doing it at one time, it gets my attention.
3) We sat in the museum gift shop (air conditioning) for a long time after our tour. And, all of a sudden, we noticed this interesting little lizard with a bright blue tail INSIDE - right behind our chairs.

I wish our tour inside the house hadn't been so rushed and that we would have had more time to ask questions. But, I sure learned a lot, and I enjoyed our family being together that day.


Dani said...

Tours of Presidential Homes are always amazing. The grounds are much prettier looking from the pictures than I remember them being in 6th grade in the early spring.

Marcy said...

It sounds like a geat trip!! One day I would love to go and see that place:)